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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

it never rains,it pours

Someone should enlist the service of Agent Mulder and Scully to investigate why bad things always come hand in hand.

To summarise, my graphic card went bonkers. Went SLS on Sunday hoping to repair it but the damn servicing shop was closed on sunday. So me happily visited SLS on Monday to get it fixed. Guess what,they did 30 mins of testing on the card and found nothing wrong with it making poor me looked like a doofus. Turning my attention to my motherboard, me and YC concured that the AGP slot was faulty. YC suggested that i send it for repair since it is still under warranty. After searching every nooks and corners of my house, i couldn't find that damn piece of paper. Must had been eaten by roaches.

Cursing my luck, i went to SLS on tuesday AGAIN to buy a new motherboard. Hem and haw for a while before deciding on an ASUS board as Birdie reccomended it and it was the cheapest around. Couldn't believed i actually bought it from Videopro after reading so much flak about it from the HWZone people. I agree with the HWZone peeps as their service sucks. 1)The guy who served me was damn attitude. 2) They didn't even have the decency to
stamp my warranty card before hand.

YC was kind enough to come over to help me fixed up the new MoBo. We were happily taking apart the old unit when we discovered the PSU was faulty. KNN! I just replaced that PSU less than 2 yrs ago. That means i must go down to SLS once AGAIN..

What rotten luck!Like the previous 3 trips to SLS, it rained while i was there. Went down to business and bought a sturdy looking PSU that comes with a 2 years warranty. YC paid another visit this time round, got everything fixed up swiftly. We booted the PC and waited eargerly for Windows to boot up......which never happens as somehow Windows got corrupted . FUCK! After some troubleshooting by YC, he suggested formatting my hard disk. *Insert expletive of choice* There goes my mp3s,my precious family photos......

Got the PC back up and hopefully this will signals the end of my ordeal.

1) YC for helping me set up the PC
2) Birdie for advice on which Mobo to buy
3) Brother for providing the moolah
4) Siao Kia for accompanying on 2 of the SLS trips

posted by Stormtrooper's Lackey at 5:39 PM

Blogger Kai had this to say:

Yozie Ying Wai! Haha..saw your blog link on Xin Min's blog so I pop by =D Hee! so ke lian ah least now your comp is working fine le ba??

You got your room? Where will you be staying next sem??

Btw, can I link you to my blog?? My blog is at

see ya!

Kai Li =D


Blogger Gao Zi had this to say:

maybe you should do back up more often?
i thinking of burning my pics into cds liao...
think might be safer...


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