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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Fatty's Ho Gai Xiao - Sungei Road Laksa

The inaugural Fatty's Ho Gai Xiao kicks off with the Sungei Road Laksa.


Sungei Road Laksa is regularly featured in the mass media but due to its ulu location, often gets overlooked by the foodies. Tucked in a quaint corner of Bugis right next to the Thieve's market, its not a place that one would associate with good food.


However the hassle of locating the stall would be well worth it once you down the first spoonful of the Laksa. Brewed over the traditional charcoal stove, the laksa sauce isn't as lemak* as those you find elsewhere. Like its Katong's counterparts, the beehoon (it doesn't serve noodles) are cut into small portions that could be scooped up easily by the spoon( it doesn't provide chopsticks too).

Besides the light sauce, the laksa is also unique with the generous servings of hums**. Unlike other stalls, the hums are big and not like the size of booger. Whats more, the cockles are extremely fresh and provides a springy feeling when you chews it.


How to get there?

SBS Bus 23
SBS Bus 65
SBS Bus 131
SBS Bus 166
SBS Bus 170

Alight just before turning to Sim Lim Square Bus Stop or just before Thieves Market.

Alternatively, you can take a 15 minutes hike from Bugis MRT.

*Coconut Milk
** Cockles

Random Quote of the Day

I feel elated, even though i can't FuckYourPussy anymore.

tyw, on finishing his Final Year Project.

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