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Sunday, May 29, 2005

the post on the male anatomy(updated on 1/6/05)

don't worry i'm not going to touch on the length or width of the male anatomy, which would be better suited for a place like sammyboy.

instead i will spend time explaining the meanings some hokkien slangs involving the male anatomy. being a cantonese, i can't guarantee the accuracy of the explaination but the 2.5 years spent in the Singapore School of Expletives(aka SAF) certainly helps in my grasp of the slangs.

Hum Ji - Shrinking testicles.Use to depict a situation where the person exhibits cowardice in performing an act

Wah lan eh, why you so hum ji? Like her don't dare to ask her out!

Lam Pa Pak Lan(LPPL) - Testicles colliding with the penis.Being caught in a sticky situation

What to do, my boss wants me to work OT on my girlfriend's birthday. Lam Pa Pak Lan sia.

Lan Lan (LL) - Resigned to fate

Big boss wants me to do it, how can i disobey his orders. Lan Lan lor!

Zuo Bo Lan (ZBL) - Idling away

You were zuo bo laning the whole day, still dare to complain about your work! Nabei

Du lan - Angry towards something or someone

I fucking dulan that asshole lo, how dare he touch my girlfriend!

Gwa Lan - Looking for trouble

Don't act so gwa lan leh, later others hantam you then you know ah!

Lao Lan - Arrogant

Jay Chou sibei lao lan lor, act like he owns the world lidat.

Xia Lan - Similar to gwa lan, but to a greater severity

That xia lan kia, one day must beat him up to teach him a lesson sia.

Kum Lan - Pointless, waste of time

NTU sibei kum lan lor, want me to travel all the way back to NTU for a one hour pointless talk.

Kio tio Gu Bey Lan - Extremely lucky, literally means picking up a bull and horse penis

Wah, you manage to find $100 on the street sia, really kio tio gu bey lan!

ForLan - finally come good, after being condemned for a long time

Johnny hor, last time he always buang his exams one leh. But recently he did a For lan and aced most of his recent exams leh. Sibei Kiang!

Pau Lam Pa - supporting the testicles, a crass hokkien term for bootlicking

Knn, Ah Pui sibei wayang leh. Tup pai bo zhor kang, but never tio sack cos he everyday pau the manager's lam pa. CCB!

That's all folks, the above terms are all i could remember for now. Of course these are my interpretations, for a more definitive take on the above terms and anything Singlish, pay a visit to the brilliant Talking Cock's Coxford Singlish Dictionary.

posted by Stormtrooper's Lackey at 10:00 PM


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