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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

ramblings from a corporate swine

1) Filing isn't easy. I spent close to 10 minutes figuring how to close a special looking file today

2) Never let your boss knows your name. My one did, and he kept calling me to run errands for him. Nb..

3) Never work with your spouse in the same company. Witnessed a domestic squabble over whether to enrol the child in a playhouse.

4) Was awed by the power of the TISSUE whenever i stepped into the battlezone called Hawker Centres. 1 small non-descript pack of tissue has the ability to "chope" the entire table at the Hawker Centre. Sibei power.

5) If you thought item 3) was bad, things got worse when the boss address you the "What's your name?"

6) It's fun when your company is hiring new staffs. You never know what kind of people might turn up for the interview. For the record, only ONE decent looking chick turned up today

7) The morning rush hour brings out the ugly side of some Singaporeans. This morning i gave up my seat on the train for this pregnant lady, and from my blind side another shameless piece of shit swoop in and occupied the seat. Fucking hell.

8) Working OT till 7pm on a Friday night while you are on MC is the worst way to usher the upcoming long weekend.

9) You know it's friday when the bosses bring the kiddos to office

10)Only on weekend, you gets to hit the bed at the time when you normally wakes up for work.

posted by Stormtrooper's Lackey at 8:54 PM


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