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Sunday, July 10, 2005

wanker's guide to cosfest 2005

cosfest05 078

Look at the frenzy crowd, maciam like a Aaron Cock's concert lidat.

cosfest05 043

The event's organiser set up a graffitti wall for the cosplayers to doodle on.....

cosfest05 044

And some chap decided to announce his big day to the rest of the world. Hur hur...

cosfest05 018

Most cost efficient costume award should goes to this chap.

Pants from SAF, Boots from SAF, beret from SAF. All he need to do is stick a Germany flag on a khaki tee and viola he got himself a cosplay costume!


This lady has the most eco friendly costume of the whole show by the virtue of recycling the washing machine tubes as part of her mask.

cosfest05 051

The venerable one found his way to this event. But then, we caught him wolfing down a Big Mac during the event.

cosfest05 067

Most authentic cosplayer. Some guy cosplaying as a Singapore NSF soldier. Total dead ringer sia..

cosfest05 057

Winner of the best individual cosplayer. Heck, he owns with his Jiam Tao Loti hairstyle.

cosfest05 014

While every year people masquerade as characters from the hottest animes, gothic SM chicks never go out of fashion.


Personal favourite cosplayer, apparently cosplaying someone from Gunbound with a teapot lookalike prop....

cosfest05 098

Chioest cosplayer award goes to her..the chick cosplaying as the Fantastic Four character. But
why The Thing is absent huh!?


Mr Kruger got pretty pissed with my paparazzi ways...


But he scooted off after the imperial troops came to my aid

cosfest05 012

Cosplay events are probably the only places whereby one can take upskirt shots blantantly.

cosfest05 092

MVP of the whole show probably belongs to Predator. The photographers hounded it like a horde of hungry wolves, snapping every moves it made. Batman was in the background, probably looking for the number to Pizza Hut.

That's about it folks. Lastly, a shot of a rainbow that appeared outside the arena during the show.

cosfest05 073

(PS: The rest of the pictures could be found at )

posted by Stormtrooper's Lackey at 11:10 PM


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