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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Random ejaculations

A condensed version of thoughts that i developed over the past few days

1) Butt pinching
A great transfer coup by Fat Fred and Sir Bobby, purchasing Nicky Butt for 2 Million pound must has rank high up as on of the greatest coup in the club's history. It's a steal considering that he is, or rather was an established member of Sven's England squad till the emergence of Frank Lampard.

A slight misgiving about the transfer would be the added ammunition given to the press to mock at the club. So be prepared to see more  headlines like " Newcastle falls flat on its Butt" in the near future.

2) Sven and Beck

Now we know why Sven Goran Eriksson likes Beckham so much to install him as the team captain a few years back. Perhaps they got to know each other well enough at the Adultery Anonymous Club back then.

3) Sophomore Life
Finally stepped back into the lecture theatre after close to 4 months hiatus. I wonder if i gotten dumber or the modules gotten more profound, can't seem to understand much of what is being taught in lectures today.

The rumoured MacDonald had finally set up their business at Canteen A. New too are the Hall 9 Jap Food stall, a new Western stall and a new Indian stall. Haven't try the food there yet as i was put off by the length of the queues particularly that of the Jap stall. Will probably post a review when i managed to try the new stalls.

On a sadder note, me and Hongbin's favourite Canteen B noodle stall is gone. We will always remember the fond memories of your Curry Chicken Noodle that has accompanied us through the nights of slogging through our AA101 project in Canteen B.

Continuing with the sad sentiment from the previous paragraph, im no longer residing in hall 14. Im been dumped to hall 10,along with the countless of rejects from other halls. Life here is kind of quiet, certainly not as lively as my old hall. Hopefully i will make some new friends down here or not hall life will be a chore.

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