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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

In retrospect

Another weekend came and gone. In retrospect it was an interesting weekend, sans the doing the tutorials. On Saturday, i went for my first RSP Elderly session at the AWWA home in Ang Mo Kio. Wanted to join RSP Elderly since last academic year but was held back because it was held on Saturday. As mentioned in an earlier post, after volunteering at the Boys Hostel and Project Bridge last year, i found it to be meaningful and fell in love with volunteering work. Hence my saturdays will now be in the good company of the jovial senior citizens at the AWWA home.

Another reason why this weekend was so special was the return of the EPL. After the Starhub and ESPN fiasco threatened to halt the screening of EPL matches, common sense prevailed and the EPL matches returned to our TV screens albeit for one weekend.(At the point of writing, Starhub and ESPN are still locked in talks over the profits from the screening)

The first match pitted Loserfools against the Tottering Hotspurs. After 90 minutes, we discovered Ralf Benitez is just the Spanish moniker for Gerrad Houllier. Same style of negative play will not endear you to the fans, Senor Benitez.

The late kickoff between NUFC and the Smog was a more interesting affair. Plays were more fluent and NUFC for once looked solid at the back. Butt was the catalyst for this improved defensive display and was rightly named as the Man of the Match. Alas NUFC succumbed to their old habits again and let in an injury time equaliser to the cheating handballing Jimmy Hasseilbank. Fuck.

Sunday matches proved two things, Arsenal are still as invincible as ever and Jose Mourinho walked the walk and talked the talk with a solid performance over Manure. Love the cocky and self assured demeanour of Mourinho. If only he could take over Sir Bobby.....

Well boys and gals, the lunar seventh month is here again. Say your prayers and dont go out at night alone. CHilL

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