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Sunday, August 08, 2004

Watching paint dry

Haven't been updating regularly as i dont want to bore the few readers i have to tears with the mundane details in my life. I reckoned that watching paint dry would be more interesting that reading what happened to me .

Ok, from the past few weeks or so, i have selected a few events which I thought were more interesting than paint drying to talk about. I liken this few events to be as interesting as watching water evaporates.

1) Volunteerism

Although i was interested in volunteering work before that, i didn't really have the opportunity to engage in it. After volunteering at the Singapore Boy's Hostel for a year, i discovered how meaningful it is to help the needies, how meaningful to know that a small action on your part can change the lives of others. Volunteering work fills a big void in my life. I like volunteering.

2) Public Holidays

National Day is around the corner and im not particularly looking forward to it. Before you jump the gun and starts calling me traitor, let me present my case. It is funny how a few years change our perception of public holidays. In the past, especially those years in green, we used to look forward to public holidays. As we moved on to our tertiary education, public holidays are almost on the same level as plague(as least in my own humble opinion). Public holidays mean rescheduling of lessons at unearthly hours. So in conclusion, public holidays= evil for an university undergraduate.

3) Winning Eleven 8

Winning Eleven 8 is finally out. Although the frame rates still suffer during free kicks and corner kicks, the overhaul of the animations to make it even more realistic and the addition of some nifty moves makes it the best WE series to date. Which means more sleepless nights for me.

4) Qi Li Xiang

Jay Chou's latest album is out too. Listened to it a few times, found it to be better than his previous two offerings, but still pales to his first two albums. Enjoyed track 1,2 and 7 so far, hopefully after a few more spins, other songs will grow on me.

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