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Friday, October 29, 2004

top ten albums

top ten albums that i owned (part 1)

1. 树植孤鸟 - 伍佰

Revolutionize the hokkien songs industry. Who would have imagined hokkien songs could be fused with techno beats and synthenizers? Won the Best album on the year in the Taiwan Music Awards in 1999.

2. Whats the story, morning glory - Oasis

When Liam was still sober and not bickering with Noel, Oasis can actually make good music. This album gave us hits like Wonderwall, Don't Look Back in Anger etc..

3. 伍佰 and China Blue greatest hits - Wubai

I used to detest Wubai alot. His hokkien lao beng image really stood out like a sore thumb among the young teeny boppers during the late 1990s. After numerous spins on this album, his style of music totally grows on you. Singing about solitude, lost loves, it's something guys could relate to.

Do check out the live tracks at the end of this album or you will miss out gems like the 12mins cover of 万沙浪's 爱你一万年。

4. 周杰伦 - Jay

I feel Jay's debut album is the most unpretensious and most heartfelt album to date. Maybe because of commercial pressure, his music had been pretty formulaic for his previous few offerings. Or maybe because he was more shy and humble back then.... Oh well.
This album contain one of my favourite Jay's song - 印第安老斑鸠

5. Beyond- Live and Basic

Recorded during a live concert few years after 黄家 驹's death, the album was packed with energy. From the soothing rock ballads to the jamming solo tracks by the 3 members, the album really captured the essence of what Chinese rock and roll is. The standout track of the album is 海阔天空, a fitting tribute to the late leader of the band.

edit: 万沙浪, the original singer of 爱你一万年, attempted suicide last night by downing 80 sleeping pills. My prayers goes out to him,hopes him recovers from his coma.

posted by Stormtrooper's Lackey at 1:35 AM

Blogger LisaNotLiza had this to say:

ooooo ... did I just read Wonderwall? ... my favorite song ;-)


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