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Saturday, November 06, 2004

top ten albums(II)

6. 大懒堂- LazyMuthaFucka (LMF)

This album created a furore when it was released back in 1999(or was it 2000?). With its liberal dosage of expletives, it invited severe criticism from various quarters labelling it as a cheap marketing gimmick and panning the negatively influence it had on the impressionable HK teenagers.

However if you listen beyond the vuglarites, this album is actually provides a social commentary of what is wrong in Hongkong. Songs about youths losing touch with their culture, the intrusive papparazzi, clueless HK youths and other social issues. Their songs are reminiscent of those from Sam Hui,the godfather of Cantopop whose songs made fun of the HK society back in late 1970s to early 1990s.

7. David Tao- 陶吉吉

David Tao is probably the first artist to incorporate RnB elements into the Mandopop scene. It was a whiff of fresh air, something different from the soppy ballads that used to rule the airwaves. Simply loved the way how he rearranged the Hokkien folk song 望春风 into a RnB track. Simply brilliant.

8. MTV Unplugged Live in New York- Nirvana

Remembered buying this album(when cassette tape was still the dominant medium) when i was in primary 6. Kicked started my interest in rock music and guitars. Loved Kurt Cobain vocals, image and basically everything he did.

Songs to check out: Cover of David Bowie's The Man Who Sold the World, Where did you sleep last night?

Too bad he died(committed suicide by busting his own head) shortly i started to listen to his music. Im sure if he was still around,he would had dissed out more angsty tunes and rock, in particularly grunge, wouldn't have die of a slow death.

9. Use your illusions 1 - Gun and Roses

In my humble opinion, i think November Rain is the greatest rock ballad of all time. Clocking in at 11 + mins, this track is brilliantly arranged with guitar riffs synchronized with the ivories of the piano, and superbly handled by Axl Rose. This album also includes Don't Cry, another brilliant rock ballad, and others high energy head banging tracks.

10. Greatest Hits Album- 陈升

Here's someone who isnt that well known over on our shores. Amidst of all the teeny boppers ruling the Mandopop airwaves, his songs are a reminder of how music should be made. Without much fancy gimmicks, you could tell that his songs are all sung from the heart. His voice isn't really powerful or anything,but his rustic charm really grows onto you. Personally i feel that 不再让你孤单 is the stand out track in this album. If you are finding a perfect song to propose to someone, look no further.

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