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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

please help

as the death toll of the tsunami escalate, the affected countries are running low on crucial neccessities and medical supplies. thse countries need the above mentioned items urgently to help in their aid reliefs.

you might wonder, hey this doesnt affect me why should i help? Well i got this for you, FUCK YOU!your apathy totally makes me sick.

hey some of you might also be thinking : " I would love to help them, but i dont know how to. Guess i will pass this time round."

Ignorance is not an excuse. I will provide links and information on ways to make your donations.

Mercy Relief -

For telephone donations

1900 - 911 1150 for $50 donation
1900 - 911 1110 for $10 donation

For credit card donations

Please refer to the website for more information.

For cheques

Please make the cheque payable to:MERCY RELIEFwith 'ASIA TIDAL WAVES' written on the reverse.

Please include name, address and contact number for the issuance of receipt and mail it to:Mercy Relief36, Purvis Street, #02-03, Singapore 188613

Alternatively, you may drop in the cheque at your nearest DBS Bank/POSB Branch(es) and make your donation to:
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 054-900493-6

For ATM donation

Donate through any DBS Bank/POSB ATM Kiosk or Internet Banking account to MERCY Relief's DBS Bank account
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 054-900493-6

Singapore Red Cross

For cheque payment

POST your cheque to Singapore Red Cross Society, 15 Penang Lane, Singapore 238486. Make out the cheque to 'Singapore Red Cross Society'. Write 'Tidal Waves Asia' at the back. Give your name, address and telephone number.

You can go to the same address from 9.30am to 5.45pm on weekdays.

Requested by Sri Lanka

The following items are requested specifically by Sri Lanka:

Tents, pre-cooked or ready-to-eat meal packs, water purification tablets, wheat flourm rice, other staples, medicine (parecetamol, antibiotics), wound dressings, suture material, vitamins, rehydration salts, vaccinatios for cholera, malaria tablets, saline intravenous infusions, portable generators, clothes and blankets

Donations for Sri Lanka can be dropped of at:

Anada Travel's branches during office hours

Tel 6435-8422/18

Virar's Rehab Centre at 553A, Balestier Road

No2, Changi South Ave 2, Singapore 486354

Small parcels can be sent to SriLankan Airlines, 144 Cecil Street, Keck Seng Tower, #13-02, Singapore 069535

Sri Lanka High Commission, Goldhill Plaza, #13-07/12, 51 Newton Road, S308900

Restuarant 1827, The Arts House, Old Parliament Building, 1 Old Parliament Lane.

Requested by Indonesia

Relief supplies of any sort

Donations could be dropped at:

Restuarant 1827, The Arts House, Old Parliament Building, 1 Old Parliament Lane

The Embassy of Indonesia. 7 Chatsworth Road, Singapore 249761. Tel 6737-7422
Contact the Secretariat, Network Indonesia on 6433-4932

Requested by India

Only cheque and bank drafts donations.

Contact Mr Avinash Singh GIll, First Secretary, High Commission of India, 31 Grange Road, Singapore 239702.
Tel 6238-2514/24

Address your bank draft to : Prime Minister National Relief Fund

Attention cheques to: The High Commission of India, Singapore

General Collection

Singapore Polytechnic, at counters along walkway between Dover MRT and the polytechnic. 6pm to 9pm

Donation of essential food

From Jan 1 to Jan 31 next year, the public can buy NTUC Fair Price Food Relief Packagesm comprising milk,rice,tuna and cream crackers, for $10. The purchased packages will be directed to Mercy Relief for air freight to stricken areas.

Donation boxes are available in NTUC FairPrice outlets and Shell petrol outlets islandwide.

(The information are mostly lifted from Strait Times. Typed manually by me. So please at least try to tell others and raise awareness for the donations to help the affected countries.)

posted by Stormtrooper's Lackey at 9:55 PM


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