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Friday, December 31, 2004

wash away with the rain

what a fitting end to 2004. Gloomy with torrential downpour throughout the whole day, its as if the sky empathize with the plight of the unfortunate.

In a macro sense of things, 2004 was kinda kind to the world until the last few days. We thought we had survive 2004 without major catastrophes like that of 2001 (911 incident) or 2003(SARS). Too bad the party pooper came in the form of a major tsunami that had already took the lives of 123,000 innocents.

2004 on a personal level was an ok year. Didn't really know what happened

Friends: Made some new friends in that's about least dont think i offend anyone that bad enough to sever ties with me

Love: zilch

Studies: good first sem, so so 2nd sem. will work harder

weight: still fat

height: still tall,but some how i got the feeling its regressing

NUFC: bad bad yr...became embroiled in numerous bad press

health: eh..condition of left leg getting worse.. hearing sort of stabilized, less ear aches..herm..that's all

family: herm..nothing changed..all healthy..which is a good thing....always fear to see my family suffering

one thing to add.. 2004 also was some of my friends losing their loved one. Mabel,yongxing,poh chui,weiqi,shuhui lose their next of kins. Hope they will recover from the pain of losing their loved ones and may god bless their next of kins' souls.

as you all might had figured by now, im usually tongue tied,finger twisted basically a man of few words when im describing personal issues. im a certified introvert and don't really know how to open myself to others..pls bear with me if you find me extremely hard nut to crack at times.

lastly,wish everyone have a good 2005

posted by Stormtrooper's Lackey at 11:29 PM


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