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Saturday, January 29, 2005

the return of the king

this is a demostration on inappropriate use of subject line. the above subject line has no particular inkling on what im going to ramble about in the below post.

1. newcastle is doomed if souness stays on as the manager.

this man/beast/bastard (watever u wanna call him) has zilch man management skills. his past records indicated that he fell out with andy todd,david dunn,dwight yorke,andy cole at blackburn. probably we were over optimistic when he was tasked to whipped the bad boys into shape. what he did was alienate the two most creative players in the squad, though bellamy isnt really free of blame as he feigned injury to avoid playing on the right wing. bottomline, souness has to go

2. congratulatory notes

congrats to miss yyy for doing well in the sch pageant.
happy bday to wanyi, u r now officially an old woman

3. chio bus sightings on mrt

saw a chio bu on the train today. not particulary stunning, but definitely my type. slightly chubby on the cheeks,bunny teeth. she looked dejected on the train, wanted to give her a hug to cheer her up. but too bad this is not an anarchy society and im not bae yong jun.

4. farewell

this coming tuesday will see my ex roomie, cum fren of ten yrs leaving for korea for a semester of kimchi fun. hope you dont eat gou gou over there and take more pics of chio bus to circulate to your ham sup frens back in spore.

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