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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

urban legends

if you guys have been observant enough, you would probably notice this long, unsightly scar on my left knee.

many versions on how i got this scar have been circulating around the grapevines. here's three of the best theory bout my scar. only one is true.

Version 1 (Usually told to guys,trying to act gung ho)

i am a righteous person who can't stand people who take advantage of the weak. One day i chanced upon this bunch of ah bengs extorting money from this dork. One by one , i took those mafia wannabes with little hassle. However, one sneaky beng took his parang toh and slashed my left knee while i was exacting the choke slam on another. Even with my knee brutally slashed open, i managed to fight off the remaining see ah bengs. Grimacing with the excruciating pain, i staggered home and use a home sewing kit and sew the wound. Hence explains such an unsightly scar.

Version2 (Usually told to gals, trying my best to impersonate carebear)

on my way home, i saw this really cute kitten, cute as in puss in the boots kinda cuteness, strolling along the pavement. The sudden appearance of this mean looking black stray dog scared the wits out of this cute pussy and it reacted by dashing onto the road to avoid the mean doggie. the cat was dashing right smack into the path of this yellow citycab, and seconds away from facing a certain death. unable to see such a cute critter perish, i dive onto the road and thescoop the kitten and threw it onto the grass patch. While i managed to save the kitty, my knee took a knock from the yellow citycab resulting in a shattered knee. But such a sacrifice was worth it when i saw the kitty safe and running around again.

(ps. a few seconds later, the kitty was chewed to pieces by the black dog.)

Version 3(Usually told to MOs, try my best to keng downgrade)

sir, i hurt my knee while playing soccer lah.. the ligament just snapped lidat lor..sibei suay...not like i want to chao keng one lah..pls give me excuse for RMJ and parade leh..knee pain la..buay tahan

posted by Stormtrooper's Lackey at 9:30 PM


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