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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

adios cucaracha

first off, a lesson in spanish for you guys. the title means goodbye cockroaches. once again, it has little inkling on wat im going to rant about.

1. kimchi feast

my fren of 10 yrs, ex roomie, partner in crime, Mr YC Ng had flown off to Korea to ogle at kimchi babes for 1 semester. barring any major incidents( ie North Korea nuking the South, he impregenating some chicks, poisoned after eating dog meat), he should be back in late june. Meanwhile, i rub my hands in glee anticipating the slew of korean babes pics he promised me..

2. culinary skills

to set the record straight, i love my mum alot. but one thing i cant stand about her is her lack of culinary skills. today she prepared a meal of instant noodle for lunch, and she's probably the only person i know who can make instant noodles as tasteless as noodles dipped in water. argh..what can you expect from someone who invented the dish of soya sauce fish cakes.... nevertheless, i still love u mum!

3. mr incredible

my bro just came back from a biz trip in vietnam last week. he came back with the incredible tale of a highly skilled man performing a incredulous feat of peeing while crossing the road. and the amazing thing is the man managed to weave through the heavy traffic while without staining his pant in piss. talk about mr incredible.

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