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Monday, February 14, 2005

Feb 14

unless you are blissfully in love, a florist, or one of those arseholes peddling teddy bears and roses in the street, Feb 14 is one day you wish you could dig a hole and hide inside it.

for the happily attached, Feb 14 is also a day to dread. Hyper Inflation seems to occur on this calendar date without fail. Price of roses doubled, teddy bears cost like a real bear and the cost of a dinner skyrocket without an equivalent improvement in the quality. how you wish you could escape from all these and spend some quality time with your other half without burning a hole in your wallet.(pity the poor guy)

Fret not,why not spend it watching videos, be it VCDs, DVDs, XVIDs, VHS blah blah? As an active couch potatoe, here's three shows recommended for your enjoyment.

1.) Love Actually (click for sypnosis and review)

Rating for the attached: 5 STARS

Lovey dovey moments aplenty, you will feel like falling in love all over again.

Rating for the unattached: 1 STAR

Akin to being bounded in a soundproof room with your captors scratching the blackboard with their nails. Add 2 STARS if you are watching the unedited version for the naked shots.

2) Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind (click for sypnosis and review)

Rating for the attached: 3 STARS

Perfect for those currently going through a rough patch. Makes you treasure your other half more. Otherwise, a show with a complicated plot and twist, not suitable for a romantic night.

Rating for the unattached: 4 STARS

Reaffirm your decision to remain single. Deduct 3 STARS if you are still thinking of your ex. This show will probably induce you to reach for the scapel and slice your wrist if you falls into the above category.

3) Lost in Translation (click for sypnosis and review)

Rating for the attached: 4 STARS

A subtle love story about two attached person in Tokyo. No overt display of affections in this show. Deduct 3 STARS if your other half is alone in a foreign land.

Rating for the unattached: 5 STARS

Makes you want to empty your bank account and emigrate to Tokyo thinking you can meet someone as chio as Scarlett Johanson.

posted by Stormtrooper's Lackey at 4:02 PM


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