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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Bands of Brothers

Neh,not talking about that war flicks where limbs are flying aplenty.

Instead i'm going to touch on the latest fashion craze, the wrist bands.

Read this interesting article in the Life today by Pradeep Paul,(too bad ST Online has gone the way of the mecenary, so no links for you all) openly pondered how many of those band wearers actually know the cause those bands are supporting.

For the ignorant,

Yellow- Livestrong band in support of Armstrong Cancer Foundation

Black n white interlocked- anti racism

Sky Blue- cultivate peace and fight global hunger

Green- Save the earth

Pink- Breast cancer awareness

Lilac- tsunami relief

Royal Blue- anti abortion

He went on raving about how many of those yellow band wearers do not even know who the hell Lance Armstrong was. While applauding the innovative way to raise funds for their causes, he panned those who don this bands as a form of fashion statements without empathizing with those causes promoted by the bands.

A google search by Mr Paul threw up websites that could manufacture silicon bands carrying messages, ala those Livestrong bands worn by the masses. It cost a mere US$ 0.13 if you order in bulk excess of 25,000.

With the proliferation of these bands, i too should start manufacturing my own range of bands. Light pink bands supporting the reinstation of pig lungs and blood cubes back into our kway chup. Anyone game for it?

posted by Stormtrooper's Lackey at 12:30 AM

Blogger DrenChed in Da RaYnE had this to say:

oh i bet many young ah lians will love it. u can throw in some pig pics with on the band. they'll think that it's cute. hehe think yingying will love it too, i have a yellow badn BUT i know what it is for ok hahaha


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