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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Camera Man

Date:19th March
Time: 1815
Location: Onboard an eastbound train

Just received news from James Dingo Groan that i wasn't selected for attachment after phase 2 of jobs allocation. Sort of expected it given my perennial suayness, but still felt a tinge of sadness.
When the train pulled up at the Outram MRT, i just felt this urge to get off the train and get abit of fresh air. At this point of time, i remembered that most of the toys shops at Clarke Quay relocated to a building along Cross St, a place near Chinatown MRT.

Time: 1830
Location: Far East Square

Alas, found this ulu place tuck between Raffles MRT and Chinatown MRT. Nice, tranquil little building where close to 10 of Clarke Quay alumni set up shops here. Some window shopping later, i got to see some rare toys like the thousand plus dollars Mazinger figure. Left with a sense of satisfaction even though can't find any rare One Piece toys.

Location: Entrance of Far East Square

Ok, what should i do after toys watching?Should i turn left to go to Raffles Place, and make myself more depressed when i imagine myself not being able to work there in the summer? Or turn right to Chinatown, the place for gastronomic pleasures? The answer couldn't be more obvious.

Time: 1850
Location: In front of Indian Temple

Saw a bunch of Indian tourists crowding at the entrance of this famous Indian Temple, taking snapshots of each other. This reminded me that it's high time i utilise my camera phone more, other than fantasizing taking pictures of chio bus or zao geng shots with it. Nice picture,with a orange hue illuminating the back of the temple. Wondered where the Indian tourists had gone to though, perhaps they blended into the shadows?
Image hosted by

Time: 1855
Location: Smith Street

Took a stroll along Smith Street, pausing to gawk at some unique stuffs that they sell at the pasar malam kind of stalls. One stall sells painted mask, those kind you see in Chinese Opera. I immediately felt in love with this Sun Wukong mask which i wanted to buy. However, Mr Rationality trounced Miss Impulse's ass for once.

Location:Smith Street

The grumbling of my stomach meant that it's time for dinner. So should i head to the hawker centre for a meal of claypot rice? Or should i eat the char kway teo over there? My dilemma was resolved when i saw this eatery selling Pig Organ Soup.
Image hosted by

Location: Pig Organ Soup Eatery

While tucking into my bowl of Pig Organ Soup, the sign below caught my eye. Evidence of Master Wong's visit to Singapore?

Image hosted by

Time: 1915
Location: Smith Street

Still felt a wee bit of hunger after the meal. Decided to head down to this German Sausage stall that was featured in Sunday Life before. Funny to hear the German chap trying to pronounce his lahs and ahs to sounds more Singaporean. For the record, i bought a cheese sausage for $3.50. Yummy.
Image hosted by Image hosted by

Time: 1920
Location: Street opposite Yangtze Cinema

Decided to head towards Outram Park and catch a train to Bugis, to visit the Kwan Yin Temple and scout for Toys at Latendo. On my snail paced like stroll towards the Outram Mrt, i spotted the infamous Yangtze billboard. For the uninitiated, Yangtze cinema is a favourite haunt for the Tiko Pehs due to its dedication in bringing artistic films from all over the world. The below picture was intentionally blurred to protect your sanitary eyes. Neh, just thought it would be a good excuse to mask my lousy photography skills.
Image hosted by

Time: 1930
Location: East Bound Mrt

Bumped into the ever beautiful and gorgeous Ruishan(the beautiful and gorgeous bit was a lie,but i finally mentioned your name on my blog k!) and her boyfriend on the east bound train. Had a chat before she informed me that Kwan Yin Temple closes at 5pm daily. DOH!

Time: 1945
Location: Bugis Street

Decided to head straight down to Latendo since Kwan Yin Temple was closed for the day. On my way to Latendo, i spotted this sign, which Ric occasionally used for his MSN pic.

Image hosted by

Time: 2000
Location: Bencoolen Square

Remembered that there is a Korean grocery shop in Bencoolen Square, so decided to head there for a quick look. Nice little shop selling a whole slew of Korean snacks, cup noodles, can drinks and even Kim Chi(below) ! In the end, i bought 1 cup noodle, 1 pack of instant noodle and 1 box of cookies. If you are reading this MrX, dont buy me food if you intend to bring back gifts for us. I want my Korean Porn!

Image hosted by

Time: 2015
Location: Sunshine Plaza

Finally reached my destination. Seemed like more toys shops sprouted in this little building. 2 Toys modelling shop, 3 toys shops, 1 HK Manga shop, 1 anime/manga/collectible shop. This place is becoming a haven for Otakus! Spent around 45 mins browsing at toys before calling it a day and head home to catch my TVB drama serial.

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