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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Gahmen says

Today i'm going to muse on two issues pertinent to the survival of our small country. Casino and procreation.


The furore over the establishment of a casino in Singapore has been raging on for months. As time goes by, it begins to dwell on us that the government had already made up their mind on setting up the casino. All this thing about consulting the citizen are just for show, to tell the world we are a democratic nation, we respect the opinions of our citizen. Dear Singaporeans, it's time to wake up from your dreams that we are governed by a democratic government. Let just be apathetic and let the government decides what's best for us.

On a sadder note, it was revealed by the Chinese tabloids that gambling debts drove the 40 years old man to kill his family and finally took the plunge to death. God bless their souls and i assume this will provide more ammunition for the anti casino folks to rebuff the government insistence on the casion issue.


the government has been dangling carrots for the childless couples to have more babies but to no avail. the last time i heard,our birth rate are still falling faster than the speed of bird poo.

once upon a time, this sage by the name of chicken papa enlightened me on why the birth rate are falling, which i attempts to paraphrase below:

" Look at India, they have no entertainment at night. Everynight they go home, see their other half and just make love. Making love is their only source of entertainment."

ah..the problem lies with the multilude of entertainment available to us. as the Strait Times aptly highlighted, the proliferation of 24 hrs entertainment has reduced the amount of sleeping time we have. what they fail to point out is that the time we have for merry making is suffering as well.

so as a former budding economist, i propose to the government to set up two days a month whereby all shopping centres,entertainment centres, tv station,radio stations and blah blah shut down their operations. this leaves the couples with no other source of entertainment except to hump each other silly. viola, problem solved.

posted by Stormtrooper's Lackey at 12:35 AM


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