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Friday, March 04, 2005

Random Ejaculation

1. Overheard on the train

It's rare to hear an Indian cracks colored jokes, more so when he's cracking one about his own race. Props to his sense of self depreciating humor

What do you see when a Chinese man get runs over by a car?

Double yellow line

Why can't Indians be linesmen in a football match?

They will set up mama shops whenever there's a corner awarded

2. Give me back my money,bloody ESPN

It's a travesty that ESPN Starsports are showing Manure vs C. Palace and Arsenal vs Portsmouth instead of the glamourous fixture pitting Newcastle against Liverpool. I mean who cares about football clubs that are fighting for 2nd places against some cannon fodder teams like the Eagles and Pompeys? Come on, we are more interested in the battle of the two most supported club in England. To me, this is the biggest boo boo ESPN can bloody make. Shame on you.

3. I "appeared" on TV

Fans of San Guo Yan Yi, aka Romance of the Three Kingdoms to the kan tangs, might notice this canny resemblence between yours truely and Ah Dou. Equally fat and klutz like, the only obvious difference is of course that yours truely possess more grey matters than him.

On a separate note, Mr James Dingo Groan offered this interesting quip on Ah Dou:

" He's not stupid, he's just suffering from Down Syndrome"

posted by Stormtrooper's Lackey at 1:24 AM


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