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Friday, March 04, 2005

Random Ejaculation(with more juice!)

1. Forlonly in love

Just a general observation.. if a guy get rejected by a gal, should he

a) forget about it and move on with life
b) be despondent and wallow in self pity
c) be depsondent and hopes the gal accepts you out of sympathy
d) take it in your stride and hope your sincerity will moves her heart one day

Well most people at this point of time will definitely say that they would surely avoid option c). But once you are entangled in this intricate web known as love, you will lose all rationality. Just hope that the entangled will free themselves soon and regain some sense of rationality and move on with life.

2. Sicko Jacko

first we call him freako jacko for his obession with comestic surgeries with ultimately culumated with a chunk of his nose falling off.

next we bestowed him the title of weirdo jacko after unveiling his baby to the expectant worldwide press by dangling him from the hotel balcony.

now mr jackson is implicated in yet another child molestation case. This time round, he was accussed of fondling a former cancer patient's genitals while forcing him to surf pornographic website with him.

all these reports just make me wonder, were we fueling his sick desires through buying his albums while he was still king of the pops?

3. I'm gay because i have short index fingers

Thanks Yousheng for highlighting this interesting article to me.

apparently our sexual orientation can be determined by looking at the length of our fingers.

the term "Finger licking good" will never be the same again.

4. Foot Balls

Jose Antiono Reyes is truly an unlucky chap.

First he was kicked to pieces by the thugs of Man Utd in the match which eventually ended Arsenal's unbeaten run.

Next he was labelled a gypsy by his national coach, Luis Aragones.

Just last month, he was conned into believing that he was speaking to Real Madrid's sporting director and admited how he felt left out at Arsenal and wanted to join Real.

Little did we know that he was "sexually violated" when he was still at Sevilla.

Rough treatment on Jose Antonio Reyes at Old Trafford was the catalyst for our previous entry but this incident, back in his Sevilla days, saw the young man positively violated - this time by a team-mate.

Barely 18 and already the jewel in his home town club's crown,
Reyes had scored in a 4-0 rout of Valladolid. He was engulfed in colleagues eager to congratulate him. But one of them, midfielder Gallardo, took it way too far. He bent down and nibbled at the teenager's genitalia in rampant celebration. A watching nation saw it all, Gallardo was soon charged with infringing 'sporting dignity and decorum' and bemoaned his ensuing punishment while the gauche Reyes worried about being teased - by his team-mates that is.

We'll leave the last, somewhat laughable, word to Sevilla sporting director Monchi Rodriguez: 'This celebration was neither terrible nor public. It took place in a private place.'

posted by Stormtrooper's Lackey at 10:33 PM


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