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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Recollection of an unfortunate event

Over lunch yesterday, i was reminded of one of the saddest day of my life which still has serious ramifications in my life.....

I can still vividly recall what happened on that fateful night. It happened during my first three months in TPJC. That fateful night, my 1st three months classmates and I had a enjoyable outing cum barbeque session at the Pasir Ris park. We had a great time feasting on the sumptuous spread of food, cracking jokes with each other.

However the end was nigh and we had to bade farewells to each other. That night was eerily calm, with strong gusts of wind breaking the silence with its blood thirsty howl. As the night was creeping towards its last hours, my classmate's parents offered me a ride home.

On the journey home, my sights fixated on the orange hue lighted streets. The streets were uncharacteristically quiet. There were nary any movement except a few taxis driving by. My mind was occupied on the probable explainations for the deserted streets, when i heard this being broadcast over the radio....

"Due to the Nipah outbreak in Malaysia, the Singapore authority has decided to ban all form of pork imports from Malaysia till further notice......"

I was close to tears, visualising the next few months without my daily intake of the four legged swine. Although the situation wasn't as bad as i initially feared due to pork flying all over from Austrialia(aptly named AirPork), the incident still had serious ramifications in the latter part of my life.

Cue 28/02/05 12 45 pm, over a lunch of kway chup(stewed pig innards), i was cursing and swearing over the absence of pig livers, pig blood in my lunch.

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