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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

You can't hurry love(updated)

There used to be this old song that goes like this...

"You can hurry love, you just have to wait. Cause love dont comes easy"

After seeing many of my guy friends hurt in this game, i offering my take on how to tackle this tricky issue.

1) Don't be a bastard

No matter how much you like a gal, don't ever ever ever be a third party and try to snatch the gal from his boyfriend. Even if the gal tells you her relationship is on the rocks, dont go chasing after that gal. I know there are no rights and wrongs in love, but unless you are a maschoist, i advise you not to take that path.

2) Don't chase a gal who's just broken up

You had bide your time, waited for your dream gal to break up with her boyfriend. Now what do you do? If you answered chase her, then you are dead wrong. My advice to you is to further bide your time. Encourage her, console her,let her a shoulder to cry on, but dont go express your feelings for her. This is the period of time whereby the gal is still struggling to forget her former boyfriend.Your confession will only throw her into further turmoil. Even if she accepts you, she might still be struggling inside to forget her ex. Chances are,you might be taken as a substitute for her ex boyfriend. Patience is a virtue. Let her get over her previous relationship on her own. If she decides to go back to her ex, wish her well.

3) Never fall for the same gal as your good friend

Do that if you want to shorten your lifespan. It's a lose-lose-lose situation.
  1. If you gets the gal, you lose a friend.
  2. If he gets the gal, you lose a friend and a potential girlfriend.
  3. If the gal rejects both of you, you lose a friend and a potential girlfriend.

Well,if you abide by the three principles i stated, that leaves you with only a fraction of the female population for you to go after. This brings us another set of problems, the bane of singlehood and solitude. DOH!

posted by Stormtrooper's Lackey at 12:07 AM


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