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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

blood money

i believes that the nkf charity show has been running for close to a decade or so. the nkf charity show started off as an event whereby the foreign artistes put their heart and soul into their performances in a bid garner donations from the mass.

somehow along the way, the charity show degenerated into a Fear Factorisque show whereby the artistes try to outdo each other by performing some life threatening stunts. while it had been successfully pulling in the moolah,it also fuel our sadistic thirst for more life threatening acts at charity events. so much so that it is now necessary for charity shows to include this kind of dangerous segments in order to pull in the donations.

it also got me thinking, why wasn't there a charity show to raise funds for the tsunami victims? i can only speculate that the mediacork did not have the time to gather their artistes and subject them to torturous rehearsals for the dangerous stunts.

another peeve about local charity shows is how they try to use "emotional blackmail" to garner their donations. while i sympathize and empathize with their sufferings, there's no need to subject us to endless clips of the needy suffering. why can't they just showcase their determination and grit in getting on with their daily lives?

while i refrained myself from watching such charity shows, i managed to caught a portion of the latest installment of the nkf charity show at 031's birthday celebration. (Happy Birthday once again~) needless to say, the show once again resorted to using dangerous stunts to solicit for donations. since the nkf charity show looks like it is going to continue for the perpetuity, below are some suggestions for stunts the organiser could try out in the future.


Tie one of the daring local artiste onto the mrt track with the train is approaching in 3 mins. If he is unable to untie himself by then, he'll join the growing list of train wreck casualties. And the home viewers are advised not to blink. once you miss it, there's no chances for any replays. why?cause the cameras on the mrt platforms have no recording functions. just another feature of our world class mrt system.


No, it doesn't involve artistes gorging themselves silly with pies. PIE as in Pan Island Expressway. Get another daring local artiste to dash across the 4 lanes PIE to rescue a drunken monkey, and dash back to the otherside to put the monkey through a breathalyzer test. If he fails, he goes into the record books as the largest roadkill in this part of our shore.

Disclaimer: All the above suggestions are to be taken with a pinch of salt. By no means, i'm encouraging the local charity organizations to adopt my ideas. I'm just showing my disdain through sarcasm.

posted by Stormtrooper's Lackey at 7:38 PM


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