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Friday, April 29, 2005

celluloid tales

After watching the brilliant British flick Millions, it got me into the mood to talk about movies. Not about movies that i watched recently, but the upcoming movies that arouse my interest. Yeah yeah, i know it's not a good time to yak about movies given the imminent price hike by the local cinema chains. There are a couple of ways to catch these movies without burning a hole in your wallet, but i shall refrain from mentioning them since most of them run afoul of the law. Anyway, below are a few flicks that are coming out this summer(ie May to July) which i believe will pip your interest.

Kingdom of Heaven

Stars the swoonable Orlando Bloom as the hero ala Russell Crowe in The Gladiator. Looks promising judging from the trailer, hopes it doesn't turn out to be a mega crapfest like Alexander. And what is it with Orlando Bloom and period epics? He appeared in Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Troy, Pirates of Carribean and now Kingdom of Heaven. Does he has a fetish for period costumes?

Fantastic Four

Comic geeks would instantly recognise the name Fantastic Four. After the commercial success of Spiderman and X-Men, companies have been queueing up to adapt comics for the big screen. The results were pretty mixed. On one hand, we have blockbusters like the above mentioned movies and others like Constantine, on the other hand utter craps like Hulk, Daredevil and Elektra made the fanboys teared their comic books in rage. The trailer for Fantastic Four certainly looks impressive, but we all know how misleading these trailers can be. However 20th Century Fox was smart enough to cast the babelicious Jessica Alba as one of the leads, giving the hormone raging males plenty of reasons to catch this movie.

Batman Begins

Ah..a new Batman movie after a long hiatus. After the previous few crappy incarnations of the caped crusader, this new installation looks to right the wrongs of the previous installments. For one they got the critcally acclaimed Christopher Nolan, who was behind the lens for Memento, to helm the camera for this prequel of Batman. Next, this installment looks like it's going back to the darker and heavier setting of Batman 1 and 2. Last but not least, the new Batman costume has no protruding nipples!

Sin City

Another comic adaption, but this one certainly looks PROMISING. Although it was film on a tight budget of 40 Millions, by the looks of things, it certainly put those bigger budget comic adaptions like Hulk to shame. Film in a predominantly Black and White settings with some color palettes thrown in for emphasis, it gives the movie a sense of noir. I can't promote this movie without talking about the stellar cast. Bruce Willis, Clive Owen, Benico Del Toro and the babelicious Jessica Alba, Devon Aoki and Brittana Murphy. I must say, i had never anticipate a movie as much as this ever since Kill Bill 1. Hope it doesn't disappoint me.

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