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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Hello Panda

I'm not as shallow as most people perceived me to be. There are more to me besides being obsessed with toys, animes, porn, breasts and being a menace to the society by gambling on mahjong. I also keep myself abreast of the situation between China and Taiwan.

Recently Mr. Lien Chan, the Chairman of of the Taiwanese opposition Kuomingtan(KMT), embarked on a week trip to China to ease the tension that escalated during the Mr. Chen Shui Bian's tenure. The trip proved to be a success with China offering a number of concessions and gifts to Taiwan. One of the mooted gifts is a pair of Giant Panda.


Pandas have always been a symbol of friendship and peace, sending a message of goodwill to the recipient country. As reported in this BBC article, the most famous example of Panda Diplomacy was Chairman Mao's gift of two pandas, Hsing Hsing and Ling Ling, to the then president of USA Mr. Richard Nixon.

The gift has already been met with derision back home in Taiwan. The ruling party has questioned whether they are trading their sovereignty for a pair of pandas. There are also debates on the names of the pandas. Looking at the names of the previous panda diplomats, there seemed to be a trend in their names, with majority having names like Dudu, LiLi, Hsing Hsing, Ling Ling and even a Ying Ying.

If the gifts are accepted by Taiwan, what should they be called? Panpan and Dada? Or perhaps you have a better suggestion?

posted by Stormtrooper's Lackey at 10:48 PM


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