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Sunday, May 01, 2005

the most expensive post to date

Exams had ended and my hands start to get itchy again. Mr.E(pseudonyms are used to protect the innocence) suggested that we have a game of mahjong at Miss. WY's house on Friday night, 29th of April along with Mr.SQ. I thought it was a brilliant idea, i could make do with some entertainment and spare cash to tide me over before my attachment commences.

The game started at 8.45pm and i was assigned to be the South Wind(南风). The assigned seat seems auspicious enough as my back was facing the Kwan Yin's sculpture, leading me to think of the Chinese phrase 佛光映照, which implies that the Buddha is favouring me. The game started well enough for me having two 暗杠,ie drawing four of the similar tiles. However Mr. SQ started a hot streak from thereafter resulting in him winning handsomely and whipping half of my chips away. The first round ended around 12am with me winning a measly game of 两台。

This means that we proceed to the 2nd round of the game which means we get to change our seats. This time i got assigned the East Wind(东风), which means i get to choose where i sits. Since the previous seat wasn't that auspicious, this time round i choose to face the Kwan Yin's sculpture instead. The result? The tiles i got were no better, the flowers were not forthcoming. Which ultimately led to this happening....


Losing all my chips! The game started with 2 Red Chips representing 10 dollars each, 11 Green Chips representing 2 dollars each and 15 Yellow Chips representing 0.20 dollars each, giving us 45 dollars worth of chips. And i ended up borrowing 20 dollars worth of chips to tide me to the end of the 2nd round.

In the end, i lost a total of 58 bucks. Not a big sum of money to most hardcore mahjong players, but considering we played 20 cents a stake and capped it at a maximum of 5 stakes per game(the max one can lose is $6.40 per game), it was an utterly disappointing day for me. For the official record, Mr. SQ walked away 61 dollars richer, which led us to wonder if he spent the whole week praying to the God of Fortune.

So this is it, congratulations to you guys on reading the most expensive post i had written to date. This bloody entry costed me $58 dollars to produce.

posted by Stormtrooper's Lackey at 4:44 PM


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