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Friday, May 13, 2005

PA R(a) PA R(a) Sakura

ok another nonsensical title, it's hard to think up of a suitable title everytime.
so almost every NTU bloggers doing their Professional Attachment had yakked about their first week of internship, guess the time is nigh for me to do the same too.

unlike the majority of them, i'm not going to bore you about the drudgery of my work. instead i'm going to impress on you the importance of having an English name or at least one that is easy to pronounce.

guess it is how the brain functions, people tend to remember English names like John, Jim, Paul better than dialect name like Yingwai. If not, you might end up being address by an assortment of monikers.

barely a week of attachment had passed and i had already been called 3 different names by my colleagues. on the fourth day, one of my colleague started calling me 猛男 after she wanted me to help her lift some boxes. Sadly, the name stuck with me since that incident. on the next day, which is today, my colleague gave me the name Robert as she theorize all names ending with -"Bert" are easier to remember and pronounce. why can't she give me a less generic sounding name like Big Bert? why huh?

then another colleague saw how adorable i looked on my IC, and started calling me Lin Zhi Ying(林志颖)as my Chinese name contains the word 颖。。。。。。

however it also shown how much i had evolved as my nickname progressed from 小弟 while working as a temp 5 years ago to 猛男 in the current times.

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