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Saturday, June 25, 2005

movie baton

wheee.. got involve in my first ever baton after being tagged by the master of links, lancerlord, with the movie baton.

so essentially what's a movie baton?

it's just like a chain mail that you receive on ya email or friendster bulletin, except that you won't die from AIDs or get knock down by cars, raped by aliens, sodomise by monkeys etc if you don't send it to 20 or more people.

at the end of the baton, i'm supposed to arrow 5 other bloggers to continue this movie baton. i promise that i won't place any hex on you if you don't.

Total Number of Films I own on DVD and Video:

Around 250 on "DVDs"

The Last Film I Bought:

Just like Lancerlord, around 20 of those arrived "in shipment"

Five Films I recommends to others (changing this question abit.. the original question was five films i like)

1. Memento (click on link for IMDB review)

The show that capulated Christopher Nolan(Batman Begins's director) into the public eye. Filmed in a way that defies chronological convention, it has a plot that might requires some deep thinking. May requires more than one viewing to fully understand the beauty of the movie.

2. Usual Suspects (click on link for IMDB review)

Helmed by Bryan Singer, the guy who also directed X-Men , X-2 and the new Superman flick. This movie is one of the best in the thriller aka whodidit kind of genre. Will leave you guessing who is Keyser Soze right till the very end of the movie, where the most mindblowing twist ever will reveal who actually is this Keyser Soze guy.

3. The Shawshank Redemption (click on link for IMDB review)

It has the distinction of being ranked 2nd on the IMDB's top movie charts, only behind the imperial Godfather. "Wah, si mi lan jiao show is this. Nice or not...?" were the usual responses by my friends when i recommended this movie to them. But after watching the movie, they were unified in their praises for the underlying meaning of this show. A show that exalts on the importance of optimisim and hope, which is best illustrated by the movie's tagline: " Fear can hold you prisoner. Hope can set you free. "

4. Dare mo shiranai (click on link for IMDB review)

Also known as Nobody Knows on this side of the world, this movie is actually loosely based on a real life event where a Japanese lady abandoned her children all alone in an apartment and remarry to her new beau. Filmed in a somewhat snail paced documentary style, it employs a subtle way of exploring the emotions of the abandoned kids without resorting to scenes that blantantly makes you want to reach for the box of Kleenx.

5. Cidade de Deus (click on link for IMDB review)

Set in Rio De Janerio of Brazil, which also is known as City of God in Portugese. The name is a misnomer as the city is actually a slum governed by anarchy. The movie tracks the life of two childhood friends, one who went on to become a photographer while the other deviates into the seedy world of drug peddling. Fast paced,with good camera movement and a great samba soundtrack to boot, this movie is a nice change from the usual Hollywood fares.

Five peeps im passing this baton to:

posted by Stormtrooper's Lackey at 11:38 AM


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