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Saturday, July 09, 2005


first off, apologies for the lack of activities on this site due to more pertinent issues like watching the Worldpoolchampionship, wrestling, LOST and Desperate Housewives.


finally the attachment stint has got me thinking, what other career would i choose if i fails to get the coveted job in the banking/finance sector? Below are a list of possible careers i would foray into if the unthinkable occurs.....

Porn Director

People always quip that it's best to get a job which marries your interest with your work routine. Being a porn director would provide me with endless hours of free porn, while still getting paid. Besides, it doesn't take a Luc Besson or Steven Spielberg to be a great porn director. To hell with high angle,low angle,crab shots,track in shots etc. Just focus on the tits and the er....drilling actions and you get yourself a good porn flick. Easy job!

However since Porn is illegal in the land of Merlion, chances of fulfilling my dream job is close to zilch. Maybe i should consider being a Singapore Tourism Promo Director, shoot 3 minutes of crap footage and i still get paid shitload of money.

Police Constable

Blame it on the Young Generation magazine that I used to read back in my formative years. After reading the adventures of Constable Ah Cai, i dreamt of growing up wearing a blue police uniform, donning the manly moustache like Constable Ah Cai. I grew up thinking that saving felines from the trees are the only thing that Police Constable do.

While i came to realise that being a Policeman encompass greater responsibilities and duties, the thought of raiding vice spots in Geylang never fails to amuse me. Then again, the thought of having regular IPPT never fails to dampen my desire to don the colours of the police force.

Golf Caddie

For a period of time, i thought Golf was a stupid and boring sport catering to the old farts. But with the emergence of the elegant Michelle Wie, my perception of the sport took a 180 degrees change. Now i aspire to be a Golf Caddie, so i could be in close proximity with Miss Wie. However i realised that the odds of me pairing up with some fat geezers like John Daly is way higher than Miss Wie. Hey, i don't want to lug a heavy set of golf clubs for fat geezers who may even pinch my lunch.

Random Picture of the Day

durian puff

Mr Ooof, aka "The man who took many durian puffs but ate none"

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