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Sunday, July 24, 2005

wanker's guide to the female anatomy

Following a previous entry on the male's anatomy, tyw is going to look into Singaporean's obession with the female reproductive organ, which is affectionately known as cheebye over our this side of the world.

Before you start complaining about how crude and crass i am for mentioning cheebye on my blog, i would like to highlight the below picture to you.


(Picture courtesy of Lancerlord)

Cheebye is probably the first and only official Hokkien swear word that appears in our national press. If you want to direct your wrath and hatred towards someone, find SPH and not me.

So what is a cheebye, one may feel inclined to ask?

Cheebye is a local Hokkien slang for the vagina. It's similar to what the British call the fannies, cunt, loveholes etc.

Cheebye as a form of expression

Unlike the male counterparts who have more peripherals and hence more diverse expressions for it, the usage of Cheebye as an expression is rather limited. Cheebye is often used to described a situation of frustration and irritation.

Eg: Cheebye lah, stop disturbing me can or not? I'm trying to do my PA report.

Often, the level of frustration expressed can be varied by adding some adjectives in front of Cheebye.
To express that you are very annoyed, you can act these few choice words in front of Cheebye to great effect:
Pua (Torn)

Eg: Pua Cheebye lah! That bloody kuku of a driver bang my precious car and drove off!

Chao (Smelly)

Eg: Chao Cheebye! How the fuck can 0000 be the winning number?! Kelong sia!

NaBeiCheeBye ( No idea!)

NaBeiCheeBye!!! The Horseface(Ruud vanNisterlrooy) scored for Man Utd again! Make me lose money only!

KanNiNaBeiChaoCheeBye ( Something along the line of screwing your mum)

KanNiNaBeiChaoCheeBye! How dare you sleep during guard duty!? Go sign 21 first thing tomorrow morning.

As you can see, the longer the adjectives usually implies a greater degree of frustration and anger. On a parting note, one should visit the NKF's crusader's, Rockson Takumi Tan, website for effective usage of Cheebye.

Till then, KanNiNaBeiChaoCheeBye lah!Stop reading blog and go do your homework/housework/work!

(Not so) Random Picture of the Day


One of the few picture i got when i searched for Cheebye on Google.

posted by Stormtrooper's Lackey at 12:51 AM


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