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Sunday, August 28, 2005

The Giant awakes

Sorry to disappoint those who jumped the gun and wrote eulogies for my blog, this place is not shutting down. Got my hands tied up with school work lately, coupled with the fact that i developed a habit of doing absolutely nothing during my free time meant that updating my blog was not on my agenda. However, i can't always depend on the 20 odd souls who came to my site in search of Lin Chiling pictures to sustain a healthy traffic for my blog. So here i am, blogging again to arrest the alarming slide in my readership....

Over the past week, i learnt several interesting facts, the first being why Jurong Point(JP) isn't called Boon Lay Point(BLP). It simply defies geographical logic for the shopping mall to be called JP when it is smacked right in the heart of the industrial/tertiary hub, Boon Lay, except maybe JP was erected during a time when the PAP was fiddling with their constituency zoning.

It suddenly dawned on me that the real reason behind the naming of JP got something to do with the acronym of Boon Lay Point. BLP stands for Bo Lan Pa, which is a Hokkien slang for lacking in testicular fortitude. With an acronym like BLP, any egoistic male consumers would rather die than to appear in the shopping mall. Obviously the developer of JP wanted a shopping mall that could appeal to both the genders, hence naming the shopping mall Jurong Point to avoid a dig at the male gender.

With the oil prices hovering close to the USD 70 mark, it occurs to me that if I can find some ways to harness the oil deposited inside me, I could be one hell of a rich man.

Recently the urge to spend some cash had been resurfacing again. Should I get a new pair of spectacles, or a new toy like the one below?


Getting the Nintendo DS means i get to play Nintendogs, whereby i get to rear a virtual PUG!!!! How fucking cool can that be!!! I WANT TO REAR A PUG, IT IS THE CUTEST DOG IN THE WORLD!!!


Till the next time i blog, be good and drink your milk. Ciao.

Random Picture of the Day


I can't believe i spent my weekend with an act cute Ah Lian.....

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