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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

tyw on 09/08


tyw getting all hyped up for the big event!



on the way to the big event, there were a whole load of Singaporeans decked in red


There you go, the big event held in Tampines, the heartland version of the NDP celebration. But.......


that's not where i'm heading for. Eating KFC on National Day became a family tradition since a few years ago. So tyw is going to KFC to da pao some genetic modified "chicken" home. Woohoo!


wah, KFC giving away free food is it? how come so many people queuing up??


after 15 mins of wait, i finally inches close enough to the counter to take a shot of the menu


amazing discovery of the day! KFC is selling Cheng Tng at $1.85 per bowl. What's next, KFC selling vegetarian mock chicken?

after dinner with my family, we settled in front of the TV catching the NDP. Was harbouring an evil thought of seeing some cock up from the parade contingent, ala the slip up from the Parade Commander from 5 years back, but too bad everything went smoothly. Damn!


i got a tad bit emotional when i saw this big boy appeared on TV during the mobile contingent drive pass. 2 years of my NS term was spent maintaining this howitzer so seeing this machine brought back some fond, and not so fond memories of my NS term.

when the clock struck 8:15pm, there was a fireworks display at the Tampines NDP celebration. it was my virgin fireworks viewing experience and i was fortunate to snap a picture using my camera phone.


during the fireworks display, a mynah was probably stunned by the loud noises and flew into my house to seek solace. to thank us for the hospitality shown, it decided to leave some birds droppings as a National Day gift before flying off. Thanks mynah!

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