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Sunday, August 07, 2005

wanker's guide to the female anatomy II

Alrightly, the previous installment touched on the meaning of Cheebye, and the strings of adjectives that can be used in conjunction with Cheebye to liven up your swearing and cursing. This time round, I’m touching on the hilarious situations that arise due to the usage of Cheebye at the wrong situation.

Since the word Cheebye is used by majority of the male population (due to the "training stint" with SAF), it presents some hilarious situation simply due to the fact that guys do not possess a cheebye. Of course, that’s unless the person works at Changi.

My brother once told me of this IPPT that he sat for during his NSF time. While the NSFs were at the sit up station, summoning the last ounce of energy to do the extra sit up, one chap began to yell out in pain due to over-exertion of his abdominal muscles. However instead of helping this poor chap, everyone who heard his scream burst out in laughter. Before you start chastising them for being mean and cold blooded, hear what the bloody joker screamed....

"Cheebye! Cramp Cramp!"

Coincidentally, my brother's camp was situated in Changi....

Recently I had supper with this foul mouthed friend of mine, whose speech is peppered with so much profanity that would put even the most hardcore army warrant officer to shame. While we were boasting about each other’s stash of porn, he suddenly burst out into a profanity laden rant about his computer, which ultimately cumulated to this….

“Cheebye! My computer’s hard disk crashed!”

Since when did technology advanced at such a bullet speed that they actually pack a hard disk into the cheebye?? Maybe microchips are fitted into tampons to monitor when the red tide will arrive each month. Herm….

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