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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

the young generation

On the treacherous journey home from NTU, i was awaken by this horrendous singing by this cute looking kiddo. I strained my ears to listen to what song was he slaughtering and to my horror, he was not singing "London Bridge is falling down" or "Mary has a little lamb" but 老鼠爱大米/Lao Shu Ai Da Mi/ Old Mouse Loves Big Grain. While i'm stupefied by the qauality of songs that parents are exposing their kids to, i'm more concerned that the kids will grow up falling for gals without noses.....


A couple of stops later, the kiddo settled for a seat besides me, carrying a fuzzy looking teddy bear with him. With his doting father standing in front of him, they engaged in a game of tickling, wisely leaving me out of the equation. oblivious to the stares around them, they continue enjoying themselves when i spotted the young kiddo did something mindblowing. like a scene from a stephen chow's movie, the kiddo used the patented 猴子偷桃/Hou Zi Tou Tao/Monkey steal peach move on his father by repeatedly grabbing his father's crotch.


Back in my days, if a kid was to do something like that, the odds are that he will be slapped crazy till his voice goes hoarse from crying. But hey, we are in 2005 and grabbing each other crotches seems to be a form of bonding. Suddenly i got this urge to go bond with female friends now.

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