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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Random Ejaculation (yet again)

Pardon the title, it's more like a case of creative juices drying up than erectile dysfunction. And this post not about porno lest you ham sump people get horny, rather it's just a summary of what happened in tyw's life over the past week or so.

1. Security Checks at MRT Stations

Have you seen anyone being stopped by the security staffs stationed at the MRT station before? Before you start writing to the ST Forum pages and complain that the security staffs are a waste of tax payer money, tyw went through not one, but two such security checks and survived to tell the story. Contrary to what most think (at least that’s what i think), they do not strip search you. All the security guy did was to peer into your bag for less than 5 seconds and send you off with a friendly pat on the back. This brings us back to two pertinent issues again:

- Aren’t they wasting tax payer money by employing us friendly security staffs who aren’t vigilant in their security checks?

- And why the heck am I the only one who gets targeted by the security staffs? Well…maybe they mistaken my ample paunch as explosives strapped to my midriff…

2. The birth of my lucky charm

Last Tuesday, I was tucking into my usual Yong Tau Foo kosong( which in laymen terms means Yong Tau Foo without any noodle, rice etc) at Canteen B with FYP mate 1 and Leon. I was merrily sipping the soup when FYP Mate returned with the can of coke he purchased for me. Fishing into my coin pouch, I managed to dig out two fifty cents coins to pay for my drink. As I was handing the coins to FYP mate 1, one of the fifty cents coin dropped into my precious bowl of Yong Tau Foo!! The more I tried to fish out the coin with my spoon, the deeper the coin sank into my bowl of soup. Being someone who believed in not wasting food, I continued to tuck into my bowl of Yong Tau Foo while looking out for my 50 cents coin. Alas, after sipping almost half of the soup, I managed to find my precious……… (Breaks into Gollum’s voice)


I believed the whole incident was staged by the powers that be who lies somewhere in this universe. As such, I am treating the 50 cents coin as my new found lucky charm. When the time is ripe, I will take this coin and purchase a quick pick for TOTO. And before you know it, tyw gonna be a millionaire. Bwaahahahahaha!

Interesting Quotes of the past fortnight

“Give a man a fish and he can only eat it for a day. Teach a man how to fish and he can eat for ever.”

Mr. “ Jalek ” Tham, who exalted on the importance on learning how to tie a tie instead of getting someone to tie it for you.

“Banking products are similar to milk products. All milk comes from cows, it just a matter of how you package it.”

James, commenting on the proliferation of banking products in the market.

Random Picture of the Day


Hands up, those who used one of these over the past year.

Ps1: Get well soon 031.

Ps2: tyw is looking for people to watch Cheer Chen's concert on 19th November 2005. For more details on the concert, go to sistc website. For more details on the singer, visit

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