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Thursday, October 20, 2005

tyw goes to amoy street again!

one of the greatest regret during my internship was not getting to taste the famous Amoy Street Lor Mee. During normal lunch hours, the queue for the lor mee can snakes till around 10 metres long, which is a huge turn off given the miserable 1 hr lunch break and the heat at the hawker centre. therefore i made a mental note to myself that i die die have to try the lor mee once lest i kena stranded on Jurong Island or Tuas when i start working next time. so when i was down at CBD area on wed around 2pm to collect my specs at the Oakley shop(got chio bu receptionist wearing plastic specs), i was surprised that no one was queuing up at the stall.


No queue!


Must be damn good, cos Slyvester "Sticks tongue out of mouth" Sim endorse one leh


Once again proving the fact that good food are usually prepared by elderly folks.

Due to my gluttony and sheer hunger, i devoured the whole bowl of lor mee before remembering to take a pic of it. In fact it's so good i would give it a five wanks rating if im writing a food column ala K.F Seetoh's makansutra. So to those chaps and gals who are going to intern at the CBD area, remember to patronize this Lor Mee stall located at the end of the 2nd storey of Amoy Street Hawker centre during your lunch hour. Alternatively, you can spend your lunch time visiting the Oakley shop ogling at the chio receptionist wearing plastic specs.

(Not so) Random Quote of the Day:

" I was drunk then. My roomie opened the door closer to him while i opened mine. It felt like standing at the door of an airplane just before parachuting down the plane. Therefore i jumped out of the car in my druken stupor."

Mr. Jalek Tham, on why he jumped out of a car travelling at 40km/h.

posted by Stormtrooper's Lackey at 11:43 PM


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