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Monday, November 14, 2005

Poor Jocie

Poor Jocie Guo Mei Mei. First she gets pushed as the gal without a nose, singing about mighty mouse’s obsession with rice. Now she appears on TV regularly, telling the whole Singapore that she ain’t afraid of cockroaches in the most irritating “Mai yi ya heeeee~~~~~” manner. I mean who did Miss Guo offend to deserve such fate? While the cockroaches song may go down well with the pre-schoolers, primary kiddos and maybe the aunties, it will probably alienates the contemporary music crowd given the potential of the cockroaches song being another irritating and detestable tune like Macarena after the fifth hearing.

So what’s next for Miss Guo? Either a) she will sing more songs on pests and animals or b) grow a nose. If it’s the former, I would love it if she sings about the likes houseflies and ants. Imagine having song titles like苍蝇真黑心 (hor sim jin or xim in hokkien) and 黑蚂蚁的大兄 (or gao hia aa dua hia in hokkien), confirm bring in the money sia. And with a discography of pest related songs, Miss Guo can be position as the next Baygon spokesperson or even as the Singapore’s ambassador against dengue mosquitoes and (got forbid) Bird Flu. My idea is so good that i think Playmusic should should hire me to help them market Miss Guo.

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RIP Eddie. Thanks for the memories.

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