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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Random Ejaculations

haha apologies if you are kinda shocked by my previous post, guess most of you aren't used to me getting introspective. anyway here's more irreverant stuffs for you all to ponder about.

Mango Sale

It's been half a year since the last mango sales and i still can't comprehend why local ladies are falling heads over heels for this line of clothing apparels. If everyone is buying mango stuffs, wouldnt that make it as common as your Giordanos and Bossinis? I'm still puzzled over the lustre of the Mango brand, since mango isn't the King nor Queen of fruits. So if i start a clothing line and names it Durian or Mangosteen, i'm sure that it will outsell that bloody Mango. And since Mango is so popular with the ladies, if i grow my own mango tree, wll the lassies swoon over me? Herm...

LiveStrong, Die Young



Is it yours truly possess the strength of an Ox or is the Livestrong band isn't durable enough? If i'm a cancer patient(God bless them), my hopes would be shattered with the snapping of the band.


A combination of pratas,pop corns and SAW II isn't a good idea. Luckily merlion decided against joining in the fun.

Random Picture of the Day


Ho li si! Bang! Huh, Kan ni nah, ah bui si!? Bang,bang,bang,bang,bang!!

posted by Stormtrooper's Lackey at 1:17 AM


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