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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

This post is to affirm that i'm still alive.......

although i won't guarantee that eating the below mentioned food won't shorten my lifespan

Friday, 02/12/05

Claypot Rice, and the styrofoam plates that used to hold the char kway teos

Had dinner at Smith Street hawker centre on Friday with james, yousheng(who got ribbed throughout the meal over his impending reservist stint) and fyp mate II. Given my rotund frame and frequent visits to Chinatown area(for the food and not the masseuse), i was assigned the food connoisseur for the day.

Recommended the chaps to try the claypot rice, famed for its taste and chio bu stall owner, and notorious for its long waiting time. To fill our stomaches before the arrival of the claypot rice, we decided to order char kway teos from a seemingly famous stall, and with a short queue. My my, to our surprises, the char kway teos arrived later than the claypot rice, and we managed to tuck in after waiting 40 minutes. However the long wait was certainly worth it, as the claypot rice didn't disappoint, and the char kway teos had the freshest and tastiest hums(cockles) i ever tasted.

After the meal, we adjourned to this shop besides Lucky Chinatown for our desserts. They ordered peanut and seasame paste while I ordered 炖蛋 (double boiled milk as pointed out by fmq). While the chaps complained that their paste weren't gastronomically pleasing, the 炖蛋 i had was simply superb(apologies for inability to do the dessert justices due to my limited vocabulary), the best i had since i first tasted it in Macau.

Saturday, 03/12/05

Met up at Blk 85 Fengshan market for dinner with Ji, Ooof, James, X and Melvin. The occasion? A farewell of sorts for Ji who's going to Georgia Tech to research on Avarian Flu. James, Ooof and I hatched a devious plot to intoxicate Ji with Tiger Beers, strip him naked and call the New Paper and Shin Min to report on the naked drunkard. Alas, the plan failed but we had great fun and food(Bak Chor Mee, Nogr Hiang, Western Food, Satay, Tan Yuans and Beer). Ooof, James and X yakked non-stop about China's history while the uncouth brute aka tyw started ranting to Melvin and Ji about how USA porn industry got kickstarted with the screening of Deep Throat back in the 1970s. The company was great but it's a shame that we have to settle for an auntie instead of Jessica Alba to serve us Tigers.

Where's Jessica Alba?!?!

臭鸡排, i merlion on the phone then you know!

Monday, 05/12/05

Sunday was spent butchering songs at the KTV, so i won't antagonize you with the details. Went to Changi Airport to send Ji off. For the record, no tears were shed and no chio air stewardess spotted. Instead saw this innovative way of watering the trees at T2.


Woah,these nifty gadgets spray mist at stipulated hours

Headed to Sunshine Plaza for FYP (or fuckingyourpussy if it makes it more palatable for you) with FYP Mate 1 and 2. Once again, i recommended them to lunch at this wanton noodle stall there. Wasn't too bad but the helping could had been bigger to satisfy the hunger of the three growing angry men. Adjourned to this nice cosy cafe, Koco Cafe, in the same building to proceed with our discussions. The brownie was nice, owner was friendly and heard from X that they are organizing a wine appreciation course soon. Shall try the signature tarts when i head there next time.


Ah yes, i chanced upon these goodies at a toy shop in Sunshine plaza as we were leaving the building. Meet Darth Maul, Darth Vader, Chewy, Boba Fett and the Storm Troopers. Each cost over a hundred bucks and they will no doubt end up in my room when i strike Toto.

Random Quote of the Day

"If the person grasps you lightly, penetrate deeper!"

A professional image consultant exalting the importance of a firm and deep handshake.

posted by Stormtrooper's Lackey at 6:45 PM


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