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Saturday, December 31, 2005

tyw 2005/06 (updated at 11:57pm 31/12/05)

Almost 4 more hours are left to welcoming 2006. Since 2005 is an extremely long year with the existence of a leap second, don't forget to countdown to 0 instead of 1 before pouring your beer onto the unfortunate chap besides you.

As i gets older( and the knees getting weaker) and my disdain for big crowds, the urge to go out and celebrate diminishes. Coupled with the fact that Newcastle United is playing Tottenham Hotspurs tonight, the likelihood of me stepping out of the house is a big fat zero. Instead i thought it would be a good time to reflect on what happened in 2005 and maybe draw up a resolution list for the year ahead.

Update: Michael Owen broke his foot in the Spurs match and will be out of five months. Shay Given broke his thumb in the same match. tyw turns suicidal. What a way to usher in 2006.

Recapping 2005

Top Movies Watched ( not in order of merit)

1. Sympathy for Lady Vengeance
2. King Kong
3. Millions
4. Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
5. Sin City

Top Albums Owned

1. 华丽的冒险 by Cheer Chen
2. 熟男的情歌 by 林志炫

Top Sporting Moments (not in order of merit)

1. Roger Federrer blazing through the tennis circuit
2. Someone else other than Michael Schummi winning the F1 tourney
3. Wu Jiajing winning the World Pool Championship
4. Newcastle went on a good cup run in the FA and UEFA Cup
5. Witnessing Singapore lifting the Tiger Cup at National Stadium
6. Watching Henry and Pires botching up the penalty kick
7. Newcastle signing Micky Owen

Top disappointments

1. Watching Newcastle pressing the self-destruct button in the FA Cup semi final and UEFA Cup Quarter Final
2. Witnessing the disgracing punch up between Kieron Dyer and Lee Bowyer
3. Missing out on the farewell concert staged by Beyond and the reunion concert by Sam Hui.
4. Not exercising more ( this seems to appear perennially)
5. Not being more proactive and assume greater responsibility
6. Not seeing Graeme Souness getting the sack
7. Micky breaking his foot
Highlights of 2005

1. Watching Cheer Chen perform live in Singapore
2. Finally getting to watch Mayday perform live
3. Actually shedding 3-4 kgs! (hurhur)
4. Trip to Taiwan
5. Performing the 小三元 during a mahjong session

Looking forward to 2006

On a macro front

1. No more natural catastrophes and terrorist attacks
2. The avarian flu just goes away with a whimper
3. Singapore and East Asia continue to prosper

On a personal front

1. Family and friends enjoying a clean slate of health
2. Getting a job before the year end
3. Souness getting sack
4. Newcastle's fortune turns for the better
5. Getting to watch more concerts

New Year Resolutions

1. Exercise more
2. Lose more weight
3. Learn to drive
4. Learn to cook (the above four items have been on my resolution list every year)
5. Be an ero-sommelier
6. Ignore the above and continue to be a bum

Random Picture of the Day

taiwan 157

tyw either a) angling for a teeth straightening endorsement or b) posing for a application photo for the fellatio club

PS: Flickr photoset on Taiwan snacks can be found here while Taiwan trip photos which are partially uploaded can be found here

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