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Friday, December 16, 2005

tyw reporting from the Mango garden

For the sake of the few readers still frequenting this lousy blog of mine, tyw had decided to brave the the scorching heat and risk getting lynched by the mango-crazed female mob to bring you this exclusive report on the fruitiest event of the year, the Mango sales.

As this reporter inched closer to the entrance of Isetan Tampines Mall, he was astounded by the number of females, ranging from secondary school kids to the lao aunties, jostling with each other at this formerly orderly and quiet corner. As he got closer to Mango garden, he could see the looks of the mango mob. Their carnivorous expression, was something that one could only see on Discovery channel when a lion pounces on their unsuspecting preys.


A lioness guiding her young cub to her first ever hunting trip

Extra fitting rooms were also set up just for the special occassion. Apologies for the reporter's inability to snap a photo of the fitting rooms and the contents inside to illustrate his point. Also spotted were the few bored but act interested boyfriends. Till this point in time, much has been debated over their roles in such a setting. Are they suppossed to a) provide an objective view on their girlfriend's choice of clothings, b) be a Mr. Yes man and praises whatever the girlfriend chooses or c) simply provide the arm power to lug around the battle spoils of their companions?


Spotted the poor guy in the picture yet?

All in all, it was an eventful trip for this reporter as he got upclose on seeing the carnalinstincts of the female population exposed during a sales and of course spotting some beautiful belles jostling with the rest of the mango pickers. The only regret was that the reporter's handphone battery choose to fall flat when he wanted to snap more pictures of the above-mentioned beautiful shoppers.

posted by Stormtrooper's Lackey at 12:39 PM


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