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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Er..finally i decided to start on the 7 things thingy after being tagged by both sammm,fmq, jingsi and nodder. Had been too lazy to type it cause frankly, it's damn bloody wordy and time consuming. I'm doing it as i wanna get it over and done with and not drag it into the new lunar year lah, or not bad luck (supposedly) will befall on me. Nyeah nyeah, call me pan tang all you want la.

7 things that scare me

1. Becoming a vegetarian
2. Souness signing a 10 years contract with Newcastle United
3. Turning deaf or cripple
4. Losing my loved ones and friends
5. Newcastle doing a Leeds
6. Singing dolphins ala Hitchiker's Guide to Galaxy
7. Steven Lim aka the eyebrow plucker wearing the yellow undie

7 things i like

1. Mahjong, especially after carrying home the new mahjong table
2. Newcastle United (shall explain my liking for them in length some other day)
3. Sleeping, especially on a cold rainy day
4. Watching TV, especially the innate Taiwanese variety shows.
5. Solitude. I like doing things alone; be it eating, watching movies, shopping etc.. I'm a certified introvert bordering on austism. Hah.
6. Travelling. Hope to be a wanderlust in the near future. Places i want to visit: Vietnam, Cambodia, Russia, Turkey, Newcastle, Brazil and Kusu Island.
7. Funny people. The world need more people like them.

7 things i like most in my room

1. PC and the goodies stored inside. hurhurhur
2. My home theatre system which can plays cd,dvds etc.
3. My countless number of CDs and DVDs (approximately close to 500 of them)
4. My bed,pillows,blanket,bedsheet. (Note: No soft toys)
5. My TV and cable set top
6. My brother to talk cock sing song with
7. The game systems

7 random facts about me

1. The entire batch of JC1 kids actually observed a minute of silence for me in 1999. Read more here.
2. I stammers whenever i address my father, Papa.
3. I totally detest abalones.
4. I am known to my brother's friends as Fatty. And i kinda like the name. Haha.
5. I have a soft spot for gals wearing plastic or funky spectacles.
6. A 1cm pencil lead is lodged on my left inner thigh. Read more here.
7. I have yet to shed a tear for more than 10 years.

7 things i plan to do before i die

1. Find the elixir of life.
2. Own a pug.
3. Watch Newcastle United plays at St. James Park.
4. Travel to Russia, Cambodia, Vietnam and Turkey.
5. Ascertain whether Lin Chiling's mimis are real or not.
6. Bungee Jump.
7. Solve the mystery of whether egg or chicken comes first.

7 things i can do

1. Sit infront of the PC for hours and type the 7 things thingy
2. Live in an area of filth. Back in the army days, didn't change my bedsheet or pillowcase at all. Only brought it home occassionally to wash it when my mum nagged at me. My room hadn't been cleaned for close to a month. When i was staying in hall 14, my room was cleaned once every semester. You get the drift.
3. Eat buffets on two consecutive days. Or used to be able to do it.
4. Buy cds on impulse
5. Eat yong tau foo soup kosong for an entire semester.
6. Screw up the same knee twice.
7. Pick up the roaches by their feelers.

7 things i can't do

1. Drive.
2. Cook.
3. Give birth.
4. Ovulate.
5. Do the 十三幺.
6. Balance myself.
7. Complete a book within a week. The longest time i taken to complete reading a book was more than a year.

7 things i say most

1. KNN.
2. Hong gan.
3. Pu bor.
4. Nabei Cheebye.
5. Er..
6. Huh?
7. cheebye!

7 celeb crushes

1. Lin Chiling. The face, the voice, the boobs. Ahh...
2. Jiangyi. Look at those legs!
3. Maria Sharapova. Those ears piercing
4. Vivian Hsu. 天使的脸孔,魔鬼的身材.
5. Cheer Chen. A talent and chio lass.
6. Faith Yang. 冰山美人
7. Scarlett Johanson. Loved her in Lost in Translation.

7 Albums that i like

1. Beyond's Live and Basic
2. Oasis's What's the story, morning glory.
3. Nirvana's Unplugged in New York
4. Wubai's 树枝孤鸟
5. Cheer Chen's 华丽的冒险
6. Bobby Chen's Greatest Hits
7. LMF's 大懒堂

7 Movies that i like

1. Shawshank Redemption
2. 英雄本色
3. City of God
4. Usual Suspects
5. Godfather
6. Kill Bill 1

7 People who i'll love see doing this

An open invitation to those who derive pleasure from torturing themselves. Doing this 7 things thingy is a mental and physical torture which i believed the masochists will enjoy immensely.

Random Picture of the Day

taiwan 134

tyw enacting revenge on the tiger.

posted by Stormtrooper's Lackey at 10:38 PM


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