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Saturday, January 28, 2006

The CNY Eve's Eve Dinner

It's the eve of the Chinese New Year Eve and Mr. X suggested having dinner at this authentic Korean restuarant at Furama Hotel. Besides Mr.X and me, those who responded to this eve of CNY eve food trip were James, Fyp mate 2 and Ooof, who lamented that he went the entire day without food due to oversleeping.

However a simple meal for us is usually not that simple. As usual, there were a fair share of hitches as we gone on a tour to Holland while munching on Holland beans before we got to the hotel. In laymen terms, we got lost again! In what could be a 15 minutes stroll from Penisular Plaza, it transgressed into an hour trek from Tanjong Pagar MRT through the orgy of human bodies at Chinatown before reaching our destination. And throughout the whole journey, i had to endure stabs and grabs from Ooof, who probably lost his sanity from the induced hunger and mistaken me for a well fed pig.




Someone must had spotted Santa still hovering in the sky.

After much physical torture, we barely managed to reach the Korean restaurant. Before commenting about the food, i must mention that the restaurant is a melting pot of different nationalities. There's a PRC waitress serving us, a Korean lady who took our orders and an Indonesian lady clearing the dishes before we left.

Moving onto the food, it was pretty delicious and affordable. The side dishes, which comprise of braised chestnuts, kimchi, bean sprouts, radish and some weird vegetables were appetising, especially the former two dishes.


Next up was this beef hotplate dish which sounded like Monica Belluci. And it certainly tasted as sweet as the Italian's sweet mammaries.


After the sizzling hot beef, two soup based dishes were served. The first was a mini ginseng Chicken pot shown below. The other, which i unfortunately failed to capture on my phone, was a bean curd stew which tasted great, albeit a tad too spicy.


The last two dishes served was this pan cake kimchi egg thingy and fried prawns which tasted like some normal Chinese fare. To be honest, these two dishes were pretty disappointing.



A dinner with the crew is never complete without a quote worthy moment involving James. Lamenting that i had been losing at mahjong even since the turn on the year( and playing on the new table), I suggested that it might got to do with those under the Dog zodiac sign having Fan Tai Suey* this year. Ooof suggested that playing with khakis all from the same zodiac sign would solve the problem, which made sense until James said this:

"Even if you win money from playing with fellow Doggies, you would go bust when the police raid your house for illegal gambling."

As the year of the Chicken draws to a close, tyw would like to take this opportunity to wish all readers a Happy and Prosperous Dog year ahead of you. Special mentions should also go out to those who are working , doing their attachment or on student exchange in a foreign land. Don't be sad, at least you can escape from the incessant probing from your distant relatives on when you are a) getting a boyfriend/girlfriend, b) getting married if have one, c) getting a first child if you married one or d) getting a new spouse if you divorced one.

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