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Friday, January 06, 2006

The Mahjong Table Project

"Hey Fatty, NTUC selling Mahjong Table at a discount of $29.90. Go buy leh."

So tyw checked the table out at NTUC TM after the phonecall from my brother. En route i met up with Constable Cow to purchase a memory stick for his new PSP. After that, i used my jedi mind tricks to get him to agree to accompany me to buy the table and carry it home with me. While the thought of taking a cab home from the TM taxi stand did cross our minds, it quickly dissipated when we visualize the people inside MacDonald sniggering at two idiots carrying a mahjong table. So we decided to let the motorists and the pedestrians snigger at us instead. While walking back, Constable Cow decided to utilise my camera phone and record the below video with a play by play commentary to boot.....

PS: Off camera, an idiot decked out in a translucent long sleeve shirt actually came up and strike a conversation with me.

Idiot: Eh, good deal huh?

tyw : I beg your pardon?

Idiot: Your mahjong table.

tyw: Yeah.

Idiot: $29.90 NTUC right?

tyw: Yeah.

Idiot: Good deal.

tyw: Why don't you get one too?

Idiot walked off while muttering something incomprehensible.

Random Picture of the Day

taiwan 136

Gnawed by the tiger.

posted by Stormtrooper's Lackey at 9:38 PM


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