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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Polar no eats penguins

Within hours of posting the question, yaohui aka author of 夜的诗人 blog came up with the answer. Polar bears reside in the artic, which is the north pole to the geographically challenged folks like me, hence their chinese name 北极熊 and penguins reside in the antartic which is the south pole. So it is virtually impossible for them to meet, unless in the confine of a zoo. Kudos to yaohui for being the first to come up with the answer, even without any monetary or material incentives in sight. Perhaps having your name published on a site which is frequented by surfers looking for gay porn is a form of motivation for you. Kidding.

Props should also goes to Alvin, author of the blog Trail of Passion, for getting the right answer albeit mixing up the locations of the animals. sammm of monsterputt too got it right. In case you are wondering, the werewolves part was because i conjured up the idea of this post on Friday the 13th, but was too lazy to post it on the night itself. Besides, it was also a lame joke directed three utterly bored ladies who were rushing through their L'oreal project in the FAL on the night of Friday the 13th.

Lastly, a special mention should go out to Mabel. Although she did not get the answer correct, i applaude her for actively participating in all the bo liao quizzes i had been posting on my blog. And no, Becos got no bird flu, he is perfectly healthy.

Random Link of the Day.

Tired of the utterly boring fare shown on local TV? Enduring hours of boring shows just to catch the titillating iGallop advertisement? Rather take your own life then sit through a screening of Ch5's Lifeline? Fret not, the local blogsphere is here to alleviate your boredom.

With suspense, intrigue, backstabbing and mysteries to make the even the most outrageous WWE angle looks like an episode of Barney, the furore surronding Xiaxue,Blinkymummy and Xialanxue will certainly keep you glued in front of your monitor. Be forewarned, it's going to get messy. Click here.

posted by Stormtrooper's Lackey at 9:24 PM


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