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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Random Ejaculations

Why does it always rain on me...

As dew aptly puts it, it has been raining so much that it's like God, Buddha and Allah are trying to drown us. Not that im an anti-rain person. When i do not have any plans for the day, raining means it's extra cosy to sleep in and also justifies me eating more for the sake of "keeping warm". Though the prospect of turning my undie over and wearing them again due to the laundry not drying fast enough kinda freaks me out.

Besides the above mentioned, I hates rain especially during school days. I gonna lug around an umbrella everywhere i go and risk misplacing them in the canteens, LTs, classrooms and lagi worse, the toilets. It's still ok when it's raining throughout the day, but carrying an umbrella when there's no rain in sight makes me look like a doofus.

Let's take today as an illustration, it was drizzling when i left home. Given the torrential downpour of late, i decided to bring along a big brawlie for the extra inches of protection. When i left the comfort of the shelther of the void decks, the rain amazingly stopped. And from then on till i left school, not a single drop of water fell from the sky. In the end, I felt that i wasn't doing justice to bringing such a big brawlie around that i openly wished that it would rain. That's not exactly a brilliant idea. I got caught in a flash downpour while on the way home, with my sneakers and jeans soaked wet.

Nevertheless, all these rain might actually bring some good news afterall. If it continues to rain for weeks and the laundries refuse to dry up in due time. What are the odds that the ladies go prancing around in their birthday suits? Ok, enough with all these pervertic thoughts and let's move on to....more perverse related entries.

Being a pervert is an expensive hobby


About a month ago, the belles of Blk 65 returned from their getaway to Thailand with a gift for me. While it is always a joy to receive, i kinda expected it to be your average tourist-y kind of souveniers, like a Sawadeeka! keychain or maybe a "Phuket!" t-shirt. If it's up to me, i wish they could give me the snapshots of the performers at the Thaiger show in all their bottle opening glories.

When Rs handed the present in a nondescript Kinokuniya plastic bag, i didn't think too much of the gift. It was only when yy mentioned that i would love the gift, especially the first few pages, my interest was piqued. Maybe the Kinokuniya plastic bag contains the legendary Karma Sutra sanscript or maybe even *gasp* the Yu Nu Xin Jing!!!

When i slowly took out the book, i saw a big pair of er...eyes staring at me. Further inspection revealed more of the same, skimpily clad gals with a pair of electrifying er.. eyes staring at me. rs later informed me via sms that my gift was the most costly one that they bought in Thailand. What can i say, being a pervert is truly an expensive hobby.

Random conversation of the Day

Mystery Man: 我会带两粒甘去跟我得GE老师拜年。

tyw: Wah, how come so good?

Mystery Man: Gan ni nan bei and Gan ni nan bu.

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