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Monday, February 06, 2006


On the 3rd of February, a group of ex and current WSC volunteers met up at Esplanade's Thai Express for a farewell dinner for 夜的诗人 , who's leaving for China for his IA. The food was pretty delicious, although we were stumped with the identification of the dishes when it were brought to our table due to our inability to comprehend the Thai lingo.

After the dinner, which also saw me downed more than 6 glasses of water, we adjourned to One Fullerton for a leak drink and to view the fireworks for a don't know what reason occasion.

Normally any fireworks display would be the highlight of the night, but it was eclipsed by the following conversation.

Nanli, teasing the newly attached Yuet, asked about her views on pregnancy.

Nanli: So Yuet, what's your views on being pregnant?

Yuet: I'm quite fearful about it lor. It's like you entering a new phase of your life.

Nanli: I think it should be more like a new life entering your body.

Random Quote of the Day

'I am in a hurry because I must go to the hospital because the injury was so serious that maybe he (Robben) will be there for one week,'

'But you can see on the TV that he will be three weeks in the hospital with the neck broken, I don't know.'

'If you dive, maybe he has broken his neck. William Gallas was touching Reina but did Reina dive? No.'

Rafa Benitez on Arjen Robben, the footballer/thespian/Olympic Diver.

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