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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

in the mood for rodeo love

In anticipation of watching Brokeback Mountain, the cheeky me have compiled a list of swoonable males that i would love to bed, when i finally decide that females aren't really my cup of tea. Notice that it's an All - Chinese line up solely because: 1.)I do not want to spend too much on lubricant and 2.) I still need my rear for excretion purposes, and not because i have anything against other ethnicities.


1. Donnie Yen

The kung fu moves, plus the bronze tan, mean that activities in the bedroom ain't going to be stale and boring.


2. Chow Yun Fatt

Fatt gor, even in his 40s, still oozes charisma from every pores of his body.


3. Tony Leung

The eyes, the eyes! Plus he'd acted in a gay movie with the late Leslie Cheung, so i figured he possesses some experiences in this field.


4. Simon Yam

Same as Donnie, he sports a bronze tan regardless of the season. He plays a gigolo before too, scoring him some points for experience. Besides, you might even get to enjoy a romp with his babelicious wife, Qiqi.


5. Andy Lau

Grew up listening to his songs and watching his drama serials. Might even get to find out the authencity about the persistent rumours on his sexuality.


6. Barney

The icon, seen surfing here.

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