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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Brokeback Mountain

For days, i have been struggling to articulate my views towards the movie Brokeback Mountain. Due to my retarded ability to express myself, i couldn't come up with the right words to describe my feelings after watching the movie. However this entry by Yousheng hit the nail on its head"

"You've probably heard most of the accolades that's heaped onto Brokeback by now and it's all true. Lee Ang's direction is restraint artistry which blends in with the story he's telling without overpowering it. Another thing, it's amazing that a Chinese can direct a rodeo movie with such finess. So kudos to him. The gay love story is of course a selling point. I bet most people never ever realise it's possible for a homosexual to engage in a normal sexual relationship. They probably think a gay will bolt at the sight of a naked woman. The storyline is also realistic and very well fleshed out and you feel for the characters, especially in the case of Ennis Del Mar who could not come to terms with his tendencies. In addition to his struggling feelings for Jack Twist, he felt unable to repay the love of Cassie the waitress even though he wanted to because of his fears that his inherent tendencies would only bring pain and suffering to those around him ultimately, as clearly evidenced by his previously failed marriage. To me, this is especially tragic and poignant. Still, everything was destined to end in tragedy even right from the beginning and Ennis' life was best exemplified by his blood stained jacket which was lost inside Jack's closet at the end of the show."

Sure, the movie isn't suitable for everyone. Friends like Dew and Jaslyn felt the movie was ordinary and were unmoved by it. Miss Nodder was so repulsed by the displays of affection between the two male leads that she closed her eyes. However i would urge everyone who has yet to watch the movie not to be turn off by the homosexual theme and instead, pay attention to the finer details of the movie.

The story revolves around the theme of forbidden love, which could happen to anyone. A impoverished lad falling for a rich gal, an Israeli loving a Palestine, a dog falling for a cat etc. In the end, it boils down to the struggles of a couple who loves each other dearly, but cannot be together due to societal pressures. Under the helm of Lee Ang, he managed to capture the feeling of heartache without resorting to tears milking techniques that are typical of the love movies of our time.

I am not imploring everyone to watch the movie. But if you can spend 9.50 on a crap show like Chicken Little, why not give Brokeback Mountain a chance?

Ps: For the record, i'm straight.

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